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AMANAT is the application that you need to manage your donation or adoption process transparency and in time. It ensures the probity between the donors and receivers by tracking any donation or adopting process from the time you thought about donation or adopting till it reaches the destination

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In light of the expansion of relief operations, interest to aspects the quality and efficiency of service provided by the organizations and associations has become essential in the relief activities.

The need to automate the relief operation, in order to reduce mistakes, costs and gain the donor trust. Ensure that the aid reaches for every person properly and within the specified time.

Security and Integrity

Protect your data from being used by people not authorized to have it, or be revealed to the public, or be modified, or be destroyed or removed. We do that through a necessary procedures to secure data and manage risks associated with the use, processing, storage and transmission of data, thereby providing confidential data and integrity and availability.


AMANAT provides electronic payment service in order to facilitate the process of deliberation money in the relief activity of adopting, donating, productive projects. Operate according to rules to ensure secrecy and protection of payment procedures and guarantee the service. Thereby it is reducing the costs of time and effort by not less than 70% of the total cost.

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AMANAT is an application that allows you to manage all of the relief organization's operations and enhance staff efficiency. We focuses on all aspects of the relief operations management, offering its users a set of tools to do their jobs quickly and easily without any complications. And provides electronic payment process, which is considered a major obstacle in the progress of the relief operation.

Main Features:
  • Management of the adoption of orphans and families sponsorship.
  • Distribution of food baskets Process Management.
  • Financial Management System in the sponsorship and donation process.
  • Ensure optimum distribution and fair and in accordance with specific filters and criteria for sponsorship and distribution orders.
  • Reduce costs (physical, effort, time) employees and communications and messages routine.
  • Protect your data from be used by unauthorized persons (processing, storage, transport).
And more:
  • AMANAT is the pioneer in the field of automation relief operation.
  • We give our users everything they need to make better decisions to ensure obtaining positive outcome in the progress of the relief operation.
  • AMANAT provide unique services, perfect environment with many kinds of reports, statistics, process tracking interfaces.
  • High user experience level and professional responsive interface move AMANAT to the top.

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