About Amanat

We're Simple

AMANAT is designed to facilitate the management processes, ِAlthough of many features, we keep it simple with so friendly interfaces.

We're Secured

Relief Organizations and Charities data is considered the highest sensitive data, so we keep it secure with most high level of data encryption.

We're Professional

We are always catching the latest technologies to put it in your hand, with us the improving and cutting edge technologies are free for you.

What does AMANAT do?

Nonprofits need to manage their donations, find fundraising solutions with less cost and most benefit.

Amanat come to manage your donations, crowd donors, manage donated projects, and track all processes.

With high level of easiness, usability and customizability you can start without prior knowledge to deal with most simple part to the most complex part.

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Main Features of AMANAT

Amanat platform have a lot of modules to fit all nonprofits needs, you can review them and pick your need.

Mainly Amanat concerned about manage/track/improve the following processes:

Donations in kind, cash donations, online donations, donations distribution, donated projects, donations tracking and increase fundraising resources.

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Big records number

10 GB

Big data store

65 %

Donation increasing

95 %

Saving time

Features Included

Online Donations

Online Donations System is integrated directly to Amanat's local bank so that, The money can be used to guarantee orphans or distribute them to poor families. Many global currencies are supported with dynamic exchange rate.

Donation Tracking

Either in kind donations or even online donations, they are registered and reported in any process like guarantee orphans or distributions, donors can see each small details about his donation and track it to get more confidence.

Customizable Reports

Since the reports are one of most important part for the nonprofits, Amanat gives much care about the types of supported reports with unlimited of customizable filters to fit customers needs. Printing and exporting features are attached to all reports.

Securing Sensitive Data

Keeping sensitive information secure from theft and vulnerability in today's digital world isn't as easy. Amanat implements a set of world wide standards to protect the customer sensitive data. Amanat implements "Data masking, Data Encryption and ISO/IEC 27002".

Intelligence Assistance

Amanat come with its Intelligence Assistance which is a smart recommendations system and set of so useful controllable criterias. With all of these tools you can distribute donations easily quickly to the right persons according to your rules and priorities.

ID Generator

From now, with Amanat everything are automated. Registered beneficiaries will got their Amanat ID to use it with each visit, for the reception employee who use Amanat , all what he need is just scan the visitor ID to see all details that he is looking for.

Amanat Extra


Responsive design and user friendly interfaces fit most modern browsers, Android, IOS so that you can manage your data easily from any where using any device.

Offline Mode

Support offline mode with ability to do data synchronization in any time. This feature includes all the processes that you need to be able to do without internet connection.


Manage you team responsibilities easily by create roles/permissions and assign to your team. Decide what to show and what to hide to your system guest/donors/users.

Activities Sharing

Nothing is important more that share your activities with your community to motivate them to be a part of this humanity message. Decide what to share, and with who.

Our Greatest Plans


From $10 / month

  • 9,000 Records
  • 1.5G storage
  • Local Bank
  • Regular Customer Support


From $150 / month

  • 15,000 Records
  • 5G storage
  • Local Bank
  • Online Donations
  • Roles management
  • 7/24 Tech Support


From $300 / month

  • 100,000 Records
  • 10G storage
  • Local Bank
  • Online Donations
  • Roles management
  • Events management
  • 7/24 Tech Support

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