AMANAT ... a dedicated application for humanitarian and charitable organizations

'AMANAT' is an application to organizations and institutions working in the relief and humanitarian field by providing a unique work environment with a range of services and features that facilitate and organize donations and their fair distribution among refugees or affected persons. For those who wish to ensure orphans follow up the files and the arrival of sponsorship for orphans and families in need of the latest technical means

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Warehouses and Reports

You can browse your warehouse materials. You can find out the details of the materials entered and the materials produced. You can add more than one repository and define your own warehouse material tree. You can also manage cash transactions through the Treasury feature. You can also define your currencies and exchange rates. The local bank also offers you financial movements as per the guarantees or food baskets knowledge and other features and details.

Guarantees and Orphan Care

Special sponsorship pay categories can be defined. You can also define the default lifetime of the orphanage. You can also identify and search for a group of orphans participating in certain filters and find out the amount required for their sponsorship, depending on the category of bail salary. Or you can set the budget available for bail, then the orphanage system will offer you the possible first priority and the amount of returns to the Guarantees Fund. Premiums can be sorted by case. You can also upload documents of receipt or delivery documentation and can track the process of sponsorship and the status of premiums and orphan status through the link of participation that can be sent to the sponsor.

Food Salinity and Distribution

The application of tool secretariats allows you to have the greatest potential for equitable distribution as much as possible. They can define models and weights for criteria to be applied to the forms and prioritize them according to those models. Also you can define the donation basket so that the materials and quantities of the available warehouses are selected. The application gives you the ability to know how many baskets can be distributed directly through the inventory. Then you can create and track a distribution order easily.

Introductory tour of Trusts

In this video we will show you on a guided tour of the application of secretariats

Key Models:

— Manage family forms or orphans
— Managing financial or in-kind donations
— Distribution Management
— Manage the financial guarantees process
— stores management
— Treasury and currency management


Know the plan that suits your need

Individual Plan


100 Yearly

  • Number of user records Limited*
  • Number of food baskets Limited*
  • Number of Donors Limited*

Organization Plan


250 Yearly

  • Number of user records Unlimited
  • Number of food baskets Unlimited
  • Number of Donors Unlimited
  • Manage Employee Privileges 

Enterprise Plan


1500 Yearly

  • Number of user records Unlimited
  • Number of food baskets  Unlimited
  • Number of Donors Unlimited
  • Manage Employee Privileges
  • Repositories
  • Link with Private Domain
  • Accounting
  • Multi-currencies
  • Advanced Reports

Volunteer Plan

Volunteer Organizations

Free Annual grant

  • Number of user records Unlimited
  • Number of food baskets Unlimited
  • Number of Donors Unlimited
  • Manage Employee Privileges

Subscription Questions

The application of secretariats is not a charity project in return, not a profit project. We rely on a hybrid business model between profit and non-profit. In other words, the profits that come from the implementation of secretariats will cover operating and development costs additional features and other charitable projects, God willing, we will announce them when they are finished. Voluntary organizations will be fully charged, God willing
Web application secretariats that serve organizations or institutions that provide support or projects to civilians affected by wars or international conflicts. The application of secretariats contains many components of the software in order to facilitate and document the work of these organizations and make them easier. Amanat connects direct donors with their direct beneficiaries, allowing a bridge of trust between the parties.

The most important of these services are:

  • Fundraising: This module allows you to receive donations in all its forms in cash or in cash, and even manage and track the development of projects and track distributions.
  • Managing records and civil status data: The application of secretariats supports five basic types of cards or records: families, orphans, widows, divorcees, pendants (who suffer from temporary cases of loss of the breadwinner) Priorities in the distribution process and according to many filters such as age, occupation, housing, etc.
  • Manage the distribution of guarantees: Also the process of distribution of guarantees in the application of secretariats containing many features and reports and details of installments and allow the sponsor to follow the orphan guaranteed through the system and premiums received and there is a special arrangement of orphans Most needed
  • Warehouse & Food Balance Management: You can review and manage warehouse traffic and identify materials and units of measurement. You can also easily define charity baskets from warehouse materials and connect them to distributions.
  • — Reports & alerts
  • — Manage shipping, delivery, and distribution
  • — smart cards
Of course, you can reserve your copy and start using the Amanah application immediately, you do not need a credit card, we will not charge you any money. You can get a free period (two months, which can be extended as needed). During the departure period there will be many offers please contact the sales team to get the right offer for you.
If you work in a relief or charity organization and are interested in distributing aid and guarantees to families and orphans, I can tell you that the application of secretariats is yours. Start by booking your copy and then start using the application of secretaries according to the activities of your organization and after a while you will find that you can not do without it is easy to work and documented.
Application of secretariats suitable for all organizations charity and relief work small and large. Plans vary by workload, data usage, and reserved resources, as well as some technical features available in some packages. You can go and change the plan whenever you want.

The implementation of secretariats is based on Drupal, one of the most powerful software platforms in the field of information security. There are also several levels of safety and protection at several levels as follows:
Restricted database
Manage users and authorities in organization and organization plans
Additional criteria will be added soon like
The custom access feature of a dedicated IP address for future access restriction
Two Step Authentication in the future
DB fields encryption in the future

Unfortunately you can not do that because amanat work as web client and there are a lot feature depends on that.
Let us contribute to charity. If you work in a voluntary organization and you do not have any expenses for administrative and organizational work, you can book a special copy for voluntary organizations. Just select their grant plan and make sure your contact information is correct.
Just choose the appropriate plan and book the address of your organization. You will be assured that your domain name will be available and you will see a window to record the contact information and e - mail which the account manager will have in a few minutes. Your experience with secretariats. Of course you will not need a credit card and you can test the application of safes free of charge.

Technical Questions

Yes This feature is available in the organizations and institutions plan.
Currently there is no mobile application but in any case you can use the mobile browser currently. If the mobile application is very important, please contact the support team.
The application of secretariats is still released Beta (beta) There are many features and solutions to come arranged by priority If you have a feature or suggestion to facilitate the user experience Please communicate with the development team
Of course, we are here to serve you. Just leave us a message to coordinate with you and customize one of the support team to communicate with you according to the time available and appropriate
Currently you can use the direct transfer to the following bank account using IBAN address:


You can also use other currencies equivalent using these addresses:



After the transfer, please send the notice to the sales department:
Of course you can unsubscribe if you like, we will be happy if you tell us why we are interested in the user experience. You can reach out to the support team.
Yes you can do so by contacting our support team
We are working on developing the API Web Service feature, which enables you to integrate Amanat app. with your application. This plan will be available to organizations, you can communicate with the development team for more information.
This option is available with the organizations and organizations plan, you can contact the development team to complete the data import
This option is available with the organizations and organizations plan, you can contact the development team to complete the data import
Data is backed up on a daily basis for one month automatically. The version is securely stored in order to secure data from loss or loss
This option is available under the Enterprise Plan. Please contact our support team for details
No one is dragging or viewing data from any of our accounts, unless you have a problem with the data, after contacting the development team and you need to access the account database to resolve the problem only

Yes There are many roles used in the application of secretariats. This option is available in the Organizations Plan and the Enterprise Plan. Roles are as follows:
- Data Entry: It can only add records without deletion or modification
- References: It can only modify and repair data in the event of an error during input
- Manager: He can perform all operations in the application of secretariats With these roles, accounts can only see the details of the information through their roles.

In general, there are videos illustrating the work of secretariats you can find on our YouTube channel. You can also leave a query on the site. For direct training options, this is available in the Enterprise Plan.
Currently Arabic and English and the rest of the languages ​​will be added successively. If you need a quick language extension please contact our support team.
Do not worry. Indeed, the implementation of secretariats organizes the most complex processes and presents them in a systematic and systematic manner. So you may find it new to you at the beginning .. We advise you to follow our channel on YouTube and watch the videos that explain the application in addition to the start of the use of secret and little by little you will find it simple, although it leads and organizes complex operations. However, you can contact support if there are any questions.
The application is continuously being developed and many features added, and it is still in beta. So if you have a problem you can communicate directly with the support team.
You can do this ... A secure application provides an option to export information on an Excel file format
The account will be frozen after one month of not renewing the subscription. The account will be closed and you will be notified as per our contact information. If you do not wish to renew, the account will be permanently closed and all related data will be deleted. You may withdraw a copy of the data before closing the account

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